Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 second rule -

Greetings -
I know what you are thinking - food on the floor less than 5 seconds is good to go - right!!! Well this is a different 5 second rule!  I read about it a few months back (wish I could remember where!!) - Wanting to make sure Tariku was listening on the first try and doing what was asked I came across this explanation!  When you ask someone to do something especially a child - ask the question and than count to 5 - you see it takes the brain that long to process what you have asked!  I laughed at first but thought well let's give it a try and don't you know sure enough by the time we were to 5 or 6 he was responding to what I was asking!  So after I had been doing this for a week or so I asked Kenneth to try it - instead of Tariku time for bed Tariku time for bed TARIKU time for bed it was Tariku time for bed and than he was off to bed!  I have to say the frustration level in our house is way way down and you can often hear me saying Kenneth did you count to 5!  So next time you think your child is not doing what you ask remember to count to 5 to give their brain time to process the request!

Wishing you a MAGICAL day~