Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanks for the reminder

Greetings -
I spent the better time of today running around trying to find the "PERFECT" outfits for the boys to meet Santa in for the first time!  And as any mother of boys apparently knows and I learned today - boys clothes at ages 5 and 6 are just not all that perfect!  If I looked at one more plaid shirt and jeans I thought I would scream!!!  So I came home from the mall empty handed and a little sad.  You see I want that perfect photo. You know the one you see in Martha Stewart and Parents Magazine. I want to make up for all they have missed in their short lives, I want them to have the awe and wonder that is this holiday season.  And I thought that would all come with this "PERFECT" outfit.  Than I logged into facebook to distract myself from the fact that the boys may be going naked this weekend to brunch (okay not really but you know what I mean) and there it was - a shared video from a dear dear friend. I watched this video for the first time (which amazes me since I am a HUGE SCC fan) and there right in front of me was the answer I had been searching for all day.  The boys don't need a "PERFECT" outfit they needed a family and this Christmas that is what we are.  So I still have no idea what they will wear but I do know I am not going to loose sleep because I know there are 2 less orphans in this world and GOD will answer there Christmas list!