Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Have you heard - GARTH BROOKS is coming!

Greetings -
So our giveaways seem to be going so well we decided to add one more! We posted this over the weekend on facebook but wanted to make sure that our blog buddies knew about it! So for a $25 donation you can be entered 3 times for 3 Garth Brooks tickets! Yep you read that correctly GARTH BROOKS is coming to Nashville and we have the tickets!!! We have 3 tickets for Sunday evening December 19th! So let's get this party started!!!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

And the WINNER is.............

Congratulations to Stephanie F. from Alabama! She won the Gaylord Opryland night away giveaway!!!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The rest of the story!

Greetings -
First I want to thank all of you that have joined us on this journey to our other little guy in Ethiopia! Many people have asked for me to share more of his story as there is a piece I left out last week. I was not sure whether to put this information out there but alas it is part of his story and part of how he is coming to our family. So here goes!

Both of the boys were at the transition house at the same time and actually T**** was adopted last summer by an amazing family. Unfortunately when they went to pick him up they realized that they would not be able to care for him they way he should be cared for. They to did the hardest thing I think a parent could do and that is to give up their child. (And we will forever be grateful to them) I do not know them and I do not know their story but I we will be forever blessed by their unselfish love of a child. It has taken a little over a year to get the adoption revoked and in that year Tariku and T**** have grown as brothers. So there it is the missing piece of how they came to be who they are.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare to head back to Ethiopia on Sunday the 21st of November - we are headed for our court appointment to make him a part of the Hammons house!!

Wishing you a Magical Day~

Friday, November 5, 2010

Want to check out the NEW and IMPROVED Gaylord Opryland??

Greetings -
As you may recall back in May the Nashville area suffered massive flooding. The flood managed to capture Gaylord Opryland in it's path - now 6 months later this amazing hotel is getting ready to re-open. Sooooo Kenneth and I thought what an awesome giveaway this could make! So starting today and running until Nov 15th (the day the hotel re-opens) we are going to accept donations to win a 1 night stay at the new and fabulous Gaylord Opryland. Similiar to the i-pad giveaway tickets are $10.00 for one ticket and $25.00 for 3! Wouldn't you love a night away or a chance to bring the kids! Some restrictions apply and it is based on availability of the hotel. The winner will receive one complimentary (paid for by us!) night in a standard room. All donations received will go to help bring our sweet boy home from Ethiopia! So hit the donate button and try your luck! We will draw the winner on Nov 15!! Good Luck

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Monday, November 1, 2010

An Unexpected Journey

When, Why, How? These are the questions we seem to get daily when we tell someone we are adopting again!! I thought I would take a minute and journal just how this blessing came to be and also why we are FUNDraising so fast and furious!!

T**** is 5 years old and lost his hearing at age 3 from illness - Shortly after losing his hearing he was placed in the orphanage in Addis - from there he was placed in the transition house for America World and it is there he met Tariku - by all reports those two boys were joined at the hip from day one!! When T**** was enrolled at the school for the deaf in Addis he was scared (and righfully so) so Tariku offered to the teachers to go with him so he would not be alone. When we would receive our monthly updates Tariku would talk about T**** and about the sign language he was learning and how he wanted to keep signing when he came to America. Kenneth and I really did not think much about it other than to say oh that is so sweet he has a friend!

When we arrived at the transition house and first met Tariku the first thing he wanted us to do was to meet T****

Fast forward 3 months (that is how long we have now been home!!!) After much praying, counsel and thought Kenneth and I decided T**** was to be our son. Now we realize this will not be without it's own set of challenges but we also know that these two little boys that met thousands of miles away are already brothers in their heart!

So why the plea for FUNDraising - well since we have been home such a short time with Tariku the adoption agency is able to use all of our current information (YEAH no paperchasing!!!!!!!) and because of the unique situation around him - we are not going to the end of the line for a court date instead we are going before the judge who has been over this case for the last year. All of this to say we could be headed back to Ethiopia anytime now!!

Since we had not planned on this second child so soon we had not put funds away for a second adoption ( we were thinking number 2 would be in a year or 2) but alas God has another plan for our family and we are following his!

So that's it! That's the when, why and how of this second adoption! Our I-pad giveaway raised just over $2,000 and we are so very grateful to all that participated! If you did not get in on the give away but still wish to donate we would be most grateful!

Our goal is to have T**** home by the end of the year!!!! Imagine a family of 2 to a family of 4 in a year! We are beyond blessed and so grateful to all that are following our unexpected journey

Wishing you a magical day ~

We Have a WINNER!!!

Greetings -
Thanks so much to everyone you donated! Here is the WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!