Sunday, April 28, 2013

999 Days or 2 years 8 months and 25 days

Greetings -
999 days WOW that is how long it has been since we took custody of Tariku in Ethiopia.  But the reason for the WOW is because tonight at dinner Tariku did something that to most parents would seem so common and "normal" and everyday and for me well it is something I have been waiting to see happen!

If it is one thing adoption has taught me - nothing works on my timetable!  It is all in the hands of God. If I am quiet and listen that is when I see everyday miracles.  I am so thankful that this evening I was not to busy with my phone or clients or outside life to miss this moment!

From the day Tariku has come home he has never really accepted food from anyone's plate.  He has always been worried that everyone eats all on their plate.  It didn't matter if you told him 1,000 times you were full and he could have it - he would always say no.  Over time he has gotten better and now accepts the leftovers a little easier.  But he has never eaten off my plate or shared my food.  I don't know why I have offered him items nightly and I always get a no.  He will eat from his dad and his papa and nana but me never.  As a mom it bothered me.  I wanted him to be safe and know what was mine was always his. But I also knew this had to come in his time.

As we sat at Zaxby's eating this evening I again offered some fries, or coleslaw and he declined.  We continued to talk about the weekend and the week ahead and the next thing I noticed he was taking and eating fries and chicken tenders off my plate!!!  For the first time in 999 days he was comfortable enough we me to be a kid who eats off their moms plate! What a moment for my heart - he is moving forward in his trust  - it's a slow process but I am so grateful that I get to see and capture these moments.

So thank you Lord for this evening.  For those moments together at dinner when a boy could just be a boy with his mom!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unexpected sadness

Greetings -
Yesterday was a very sad day in the Hammons house as we said good - bye to our sweet Oliver.  Little did we know that a mere 12 hours later another precious baby in our house would cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
Pepsi joined our family 5 years ago as a foster that we were rehabbing back to health.  He had been tied to a tree by his previous owners for over a year and had scratched and chewed all his hair off of his back.  He had a horrible infection when we took custody of him and was ooozing this black mucus.  I remember picking him up from the shelter and driving him straight to Happy ReTales to give him a bath because I could not even make it home with him the smell was so bad.
Kenneth had come home from work and asked me what I had gotten us into this time.  The smell in our condo was awful but this little pup just wanted love.  He was sooo affectionate and so we would hold our nose and pet him and love him.  Little did we know that he soon would be a permanent fixture in the Hammons house!
Pepsi was the 4th and final puppy in our house!  Most would say that is 4 to many but for us he finished out or family perfectly.  He was an amazing companion to Touchet and got along with Oliver and Annie so well from day 1!
I do not know what happened in the wee hours that took his life but I do know that we will miss him like we miss Oliver.  We were blessed to call him part of our family for the past 5 years.
We love you Pepsi and we will see you again soon!!  You and Oliver take care and don't eat to many greenies!!

                  Our fab 4 with Oliver and Pepsi in the middle!  We will miss you boys!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Bye my sweet sweet Oliver I will see you again soon

There are some that will never understand this post and for those I am sorry.  I am writing this post as a mom to my 1st love who has left the world today.  I am writing to thank him for all he taught me about unconditional love.

My Dearest Oliver ~
I knew from the day you came into my life that today would come.  And yet GOD opened my heart to you in ways I could never have imagined.  You came to me as a puppy at a time when the odds of 2 legged children were NOT in my future.  We traveled the world together.  You were my best friend, my companion in sickness (even being snuck into hospitals to vist me) and so many happy moments.  You were a companion and best friend to Annie.  You moved with me so many times and saw me through so many changes.  The largest being that of becoming a mom to Tariku and Teddy.  You helped Tariku learn to love and accept me as a mom and for that I will be forever grateful.  You loved me on days when I didn't love me!  You made me laugh with your funny snores and your ridiculous barking.  You were a shining star in my life for the last 12 and a half years and now you have gone on to the rainbow bridge free of cancer, free of pain and free to be carefree and watch over us as you have for the last 12 and a half years.  Thank you for being a part of my journey I love you and will miss you but I know that you are safe and healthy and I could not ask for anything else as your mom.  So all I can do now is remember our time together and look back at the photos and remember your kisses.  I love you my sweet sweet bubba!  Until we meet again~

All my love 

Many thanks to Jeb Wilson with Nashville Photography Group for capturing this photo for me!