Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good bye 2014 - Hello 2015

Goodness gracious - another year is wrapping up for people all over the world. In just a few short hours from now we will celebrate the beginning of a new year. And so I thought I would end 2014 with a few photos from our world to yours.
Teddy is now playing club soccer - different team from Tariku but same Club
Soccer - it's apparently ALL we do in the Spring and Fall 
Amazing business opportunities
Photos with Santa - photo courtesy of Karen Halbert Photography
Time with Papa is always time well spent
Disney with Papa Blue
Maybe this should of been our Christmas card this year?  Oh wait I never got the card out!!!
Teddy and his papa blue
Tariku being interviewed for NPR
IF conference in Austin with Jillian and Jess - a true blessing of an opportunity
And when not playing soccer we are on the basketball courts
2nd grade means Leprechaun traps
So proud to be in black for Aris FC
Designing their own golf hole
Hard to believe he is about to begin his 3rd season with this club
Mrs. Clark and Mr. Jim - they made the school world a wee bit easier to navigate
Tariku and Ms. Gatlin (2nd grade)
It's a party when Will is in town and mama is in Ethiopia
 an amazing evening to benefit 147 million orphans and a private screening of Legends of the Knight #wearebatman
Easter 2014
yep a totaled car in the Spring of 2014 
Who cares the water is FREEZING!
Always ready for the next adventure
Off to Uncle Jason's we go
Playing tic tac toe with great-grandma Taeko 
Mama why do Americans think this is fun?  This is just life in Africa! - Tariku
Awards won and parties planned
See a theme?  This boy and his tic tac toe
On the soccer field before 7am - calls for one thing
So happy to see their Amber get married
Summer spent with Kylee
The Christmas gift from Uncle Josh that lives on and on and on
Giggles and all girl
Adventure and Road Trips!
Atlanta GA - Six Flags
A look into the future and look who's driving
Kylee behind the wheel
Cousins and the bestest of friends
One would think they were related by blood - but alas they are not
Summer - welcomed a pool into our yard!!
New friends
Working on their radio voices
Hanging with friends at the radio station
Listening as they remix the Tariku message
Preparing his lines
Ready to go wish America a very happy birthday
Disney day @ Camp Summer Sign
Just over 5 months in this thing 
The launch of a non - profit
Wedding help in Santa Fe
Cliff Dwelling in Santa Fe
My little orange boy

So there you have it!!  A look back at 2014 - we are blessed beyond measure and look forward to all that comes in 2015.  From the Hammons House to yours we wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR