Saturday, November 24, 2012

Santa Signs!!

Greetings -
While Kylee (the boys cousin) was in town this week we decided it would be a great time to see Santa! You know all 3 cousins on Santa's lap for the holiday photo.  So off to Gaylord Opryland we went.  And of course the kiddos were thrilled to see the jolly old man himself.  And there were requests for water for my sisters, large transformers and pretty dolls.  But yet there sat Teddy he didn't understand the questions being asked.  He doesn't know the names of the toys he loves.  He has yet to really understand what Christmas is.  But when Santa signed to him his world changed!  His face lit up - this man understands me!!!  Santa can talk to me!!!  And so Teddy told him in his own way about bay blades and transformers and cars!  So I want to thank you Santa for that moment of happiness in my little boys eyes!  That moment that there was no difference in Tariku, Kylee or Teddy.  The moment that allowed ALL 3 of them to be kiddos and believe in your wonderment!

Merry Christmas To ALL!

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day ~
(aka a grateful mama)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hammons House Holiday Update

Greetings -
Well the turkey has been stuffed and eaten, the pie whipped and fluffed.  The black friday sales are complete and now we settle back to enjoy our weekend!  This Thanksgiving was not what was originally planned.  Typically we travel to New York City to see my brother and sister in law.  Unfortunately do to circumstances beyond control that just was not able to happen this year.  So instead my parents came to Tennessee with my 7 year old niece.  What a great time is being had by all!  From eating, to swimming, to tennis and shopping these kiddos are doing it all.  And isn't that really the reason for this season?  To be thankful for what we do have!  So today I say how thankful I am for family and friends near and far.  I am thankful to have been blessed with an amazing husband and 2 boys who changed our world.  Let's not forget this feeling of thanksgiving as the year continues on!  Here is a small peek into what our week has looked like so far!

Shrek the Halls @ Gaylord Opryland

Merry Christmas from the cousins

Here comes KYLEE

Why you at my house?

Ready to sleep at nana and papa's hotel

Really?  You are worried about us!

Nana and her kiddos 


We made it!  Breakfast time with Shrek

Puss in Boots was so nice!

Yes we really did eat with a ogre and his princess
Thank you nana and papa!

Want to be a part of our circus

So from all of us here at the Hammons House we wish you a blessed holiday season!  Stop back soon as you know there is always something going on in this house!

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day ~