Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Childs Thought!

Tariku went to his first sleep over last week! He had a great time and Teddy survived without his brother in tow! But I had to share a story that the other mom told me - just because I feel like so often we give our children adult size thoughts and sometimes they really are just children!!

As you know Tariku is in kindergarten this year and so for alot of his classmates it is the first interaction with another culture! So while Tariku was at Hudson's - Hudson told his mom that he liked Tariku alot but he wished he was white. So like any mom she jumped in saying how we are all alike on the inside and so on. Well Hudson finished his thought and it went something like this - yeah well MOM he has a huge advantage at night tag and I wish I had that!

So there you go - the plus to being Ethiopian is that you have a huge advantage at night tag!!!

Oh the thoughts of boys!!

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day-


Friday, February 17, 2012

A friend for Teddy

Greetings -
I didn't expect to be writing this! I didn't expect to see what I saw today and yet God showed me once again he is there right where he needs to be. You see I have been dreading today ALL week! It was a half day at school and Tariku was going to go home with a friend and have a sleep over. Well what would that mean for Teddy and how would I ever explain what was happening? And so as I prepared for today I asked a school mate of Teddy's if he wanted to come over after school. And of course the answer was yes but I was still nervous. Nervous for how many times I would be asked where's Tariku and where's tariku - nervous that Teddy would not understand why this class mate was getting off the bus with him and not Tariku. So imagine my surprise when Teddy and Noah hopped off the bus all smiles ready to go! 1st stop lunch at McDonalds!! A favorite for both - and I watched a little boy love my son just for being Teddy. Noah does not see the difference in color or the fact that Teddy is deaf as anything other than normal. And for this mama's heart that is huge.
After lunch it was off to Monkey Joes- and in fact I sit here at Monkey Joes in awe of this friend of Teddy's!!! You see Noah and Teddy have been jumping for 3 solid hours!!! Noah makes sure that when he wants to move on to another bouncie that Teddy is right with him and vice versa. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised maybe I should just trust that someone much bigger than me has a plan for Teddy. But today today I am surprised and in awe and love for this little boy who showed up and reminded me that Teddy really is just a typical kindergartner in so many ways! Thanks Noah for being such a great friend to Teddy!!

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day -