Friday, October 25, 2013

New Horizons for Children ~

Greetings ~
I promised you when I returned from Together for Adoption that I would share with you some of the amazing organizations I met.  We all know that not everyone is called to adopt and I totally and completely get that - but we are ALL called to help the widow and orphans and to defend the fatherless.  So here is my first resource

New Horizons for Children is a international orphan hosting ministry based out of Acworth GA.  To be honest when I first heard about Orphan Hosting I wasn't real sure about that idea in fact I wasn't real crazy about it but as I talked to the ladies I learned something that SHOCKED me - I had no idea that some of the orphanages in Eastern European countries actually "close" for the summer and these children have to go somewhere. Well with programs like this, the children are going to Christian God centered homes and experiencing life as a family.  Yes, some of them are adopted by their host families, some are adopted by friends of host families but most importantly they are learning about family love in a family setting.

The programs run  5-6 weeks in the summer
                             4 weeks around the Christmas holiday
                             5 weeks for the Chinese New Year holiday   

Children available are 
Healthy Children ages 8 - 16
Siblings groups of 2, 3 ,or more
Special needs children ages 4 and up
Some children who are not adoptable but could benefit from the program

Want more info on orphan hosting check out

If this is the ministry you are called to be sure to stop back here and share the experience with us.  I would love to hear all about it!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mother Son Kickball Tournament - Oct 2013

Greetings Friends ~ We are so blessed at our elementary school every year they host a Father/Daughter Dance as well as a Mother/Son kickball tournament. Though usually in the Spring we were fortunate this year that it happened at the most BEAUTIFUL time of the year FALL!! So after school the moms scoop up their boys and we head to the back of the school for a pizza party and some rockin good music to get us warmed up! And than it is time to hit the fields!!! Boys against the mama's and a few awesome DUGOUT DAD's to be our rollers! It is truly a time I cherish with both my boys. Watching them with their friends and catching up with some of mine all while playing a spirited game of kickball! Without further adieu the photos from KICKBALL 2013!!
Huge congratulations to both the boys classes for once again beating their mamas! And way to go Tariku on your AWESOME homerun!!  
Thank you PTO for putting your heart and soul into our school each and every day so we can continue creating these most amazing memories with our boys!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mission Moments ~ Orphan Sunday

13-10 MM Email

Orphan Sunday. From many sources, one voice. On November 3rd, 2013, thousands of events will echo across America and around the globe, all sharing a single goal: that God's great love for the orphan will find echo in our lives as well. (from

One Day. One Voice. One Purpose. // Orphan Sunday

Does your family, small group or church have plans for Orphan Sunday? There are so many ways that we can honor orphans collectively as the Body of Christ on Orphan Sunday. Here are just a few:
  • Advent for Orphans Calendar -- see explanation below
  • Orphan's Table -- share a meal eaten by orphans around the world. Gather with family, small group or church for the meal, discussion and prayer.
  • Partnership Packages -- easy-to-follow Orphan Sunday event plan, enabling you to partner with an organization to create a simple event!
Other Resources -- videos, prayer guides, sermon notes, t-shirts & more!

To learn more about Orphan Sunday or find an event near you visit

Advent for Orphans Calendar

Advent Home Page Slide
This year, make Advent about more than just eating chocolate.

We are so excited to announce this year's Advent for Orphans Calendar! What is Advent for Orphans? It's a creative way to celebrate Advent with your family, small group, church, etc. while loving and providing for orphans around the world. It's especially great for families with kids!

Request your free Advent for Orphans Calendar today at


Impact of Advent for Orphans -- Read about the impact Advent for Orphans had on Blake & Christine's family last year. Read More

More Orphan Sunday Event Ideas -- Struggling to think of an event for Orphan Sunday? Read through examples of past Orphan Sunday events. Read More

I AM LOVED -- Watch Christian Alliance for Orphan's Official Orphan Sunday video!  Watch Video

Share Orphan Sunday -- Share the joy of Orphan Sunday with your friends by posting badge & banner on your blog or facebook page. Get badge & banner

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A look at Adoption Funds ~ Courtesy of Lifesong

church 100Adoption Funds. Helping the church financially support couples as they bring home children into their forever families through adoption.

MEETING THE NEEDS // Adoption Funds

win win win 100
We see Adoption Funds as a "Win-Win-Win" solution: the local church is actively involved on behalf of orphans, the financial roadblock for families is removed, the orphan child is adopted into a permanent Christian family...all with minimal administrative burden for the church.

Using the adoption matching grant and interest-free loan processes already established by Lifesong, churches can easily navigate through the details of adoption funding....all with no cost to the church.

Church Fund Children

ALWAYS WITH YOU // Adoption Fund Story

Cameron and Sarah experienced the love of their church family through their adoption journey. His Kids Our Homes Adoption Fund, at North County Christ the King Church have blessed this family and others as children are brought into forever families. Listen in on their journey...

mouse copySee how your church can benefit from establishing an Adoption Fund by visiting our website.

Read More

Bringing Churches Around Adoptive Families - Dave and Carrie, directors of His Kids - Our Homes (Lynden, WA) share how they have experienced the blessing of having a Lifesong Adoption Fund.  Watch Video

"God Worked to Bring Them Home" - Scott and Kathy bring two more children into their home through adoption with the help from TAMBA adoption fund. Read more

God's Revealing Love - Sam and Maria share how God continued to reveal His love for them and their 7 children, through their local church, North County Christ the King. Watch Video

Adoption Fund Testimonials - Hear what Adoption Fund partners have to say about their experience with Lifesong Adoption Funds.  Watch Video

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My thoughts post Together for Adoption Conference-

Greetings ~
I have just returned from a great weekend in Louisville, KY.  The conference was EVERYTHING and MORE.  I am in the process of processing all that I learned and heard and saw.  But I did have to stop by here and say just a few things.

* The orphan crisis is an overwhelming thought and I think often times we are frozen just by the sheer magnitude so over the next few days, weeks, months (whatever it takes) I hope to share with you ways you can make a difference and NO adoption is not the only way!!

* Thank you LORD for re-breaking my heart for what breaks yours

* I was blessed beyond measure to catch up with old friends and make some new ones and for that I am incredibly grateful.

* I want to leave you with one tangible thing that you can do TODAY - read this story and PRAY not only for Davion but for the family that is out there for him.  Pray for all the kiddos in the USA foster care system that they know they are not alone and were not abandoned by God. (Click the link below the photo)

* Want to know more about Together for Adoption? Click here

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Once you have seen you cannot stay quiet ~

Greetings ~
In just a few days I am headed to Louisville KY for the Together for Adoption conference.  4 years ago my eyes were opened to the ORPHAN crisis around the world - 3 years ago I saw the crisis with my own eyes in a way I will never forget - this summer I learned I was to speak for those who have no voice and so I will go this weekend and learn.  I will pray that the direction I am meant to act in becomes that much more understood.

Earlier this week I received an email from one of the founders of this conference with some prayer requests and so I am sharing them here in the hopes that you will add them to your prayer list

  • That our Father would grant safe travels to everyone joining us in Louisville.
  • That He would provide much grace so that each person will both receive and give timely encouragement.
  • That the ripple effect of this year's conference will be to the rich benefit of orphaned and vulnerable children all over the globe.
And finally I want you to know there is still time to join us ~