Friday, October 25, 2013

New Horizons for Children ~

Greetings ~
I promised you when I returned from Together for Adoption that I would share with you some of the amazing organizations I met.  We all know that not everyone is called to adopt and I totally and completely get that - but we are ALL called to help the widow and orphans and to defend the fatherless.  So here is my first resource

New Horizons for Children is a international orphan hosting ministry based out of Acworth GA.  To be honest when I first heard about Orphan Hosting I wasn't real sure about that idea in fact I wasn't real crazy about it but as I talked to the ladies I learned something that SHOCKED me - I had no idea that some of the orphanages in Eastern European countries actually "close" for the summer and these children have to go somewhere. Well with programs like this, the children are going to Christian God centered homes and experiencing life as a family.  Yes, some of them are adopted by their host families, some are adopted by friends of host families but most importantly they are learning about family love in a family setting.

The programs run  5-6 weeks in the summer
                             4 weeks around the Christmas holiday
                             5 weeks for the Chinese New Year holiday   

Children available are 
Healthy Children ages 8 - 16
Siblings groups of 2, 3 ,or more
Special needs children ages 4 and up
Some children who are not adoptable but could benefit from the program

Want more info on orphan hosting check out

If this is the ministry you are called to be sure to stop back here and share the experience with us.  I would love to hear all about it!

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