Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Once you have seen you cannot stay quiet ~

Greetings ~
In just a few days I am headed to Louisville KY for the Together for Adoption conference.  4 years ago my eyes were opened to the ORPHAN crisis around the world - 3 years ago I saw the crisis with my own eyes in a way I will never forget - this summer I learned I was to speak for those who have no voice and so I will go this weekend and learn.  I will pray that the direction I am meant to act in becomes that much more understood.

Earlier this week I received an email from one of the founders of this conference with some prayer requests and so I am sharing them here in the hopes that you will add them to your prayer list

  • That our Father would grant safe travels to everyone joining us in Louisville.
  • That He would provide much grace so that each person will both receive and give timely encouragement.
  • That the ripple effect of this year's conference will be to the rich benefit of orphaned and vulnerable children all over the globe.
And finally I want you to know there is still time to join us ~ 

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