Thursday, September 26, 2013


Greetings ~
Since coming home with Teddy 2.5 years ago one of the hardest things I have struggled with was how to educate him.  I have scoured and read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on.  I have joined every facebook group I can find and I have badgered the 3 friends with deaf experience (I am probably lucky they are still talking to me!!)  But I made a promise to Teddy's birth mom that I was going to do everything I could to help him succeed in school.  At the end of last year we made the decision to remain in 1st grade for an additional year - truth be told I had made that decision at the start of last school year but alas it would not be until the end of the year when everyone would agree.

You see ASL (American Sign Language) and English are 2 VERY DIFFERENT languages and I just couldn't wrap my mind around how he was going to learn both while knowing his brain still thinks some in Amharic.  At school he works with his teacher, his interpreter, his deaf educator, and his OT.  We also work with an outside speech language pathologist and countless other professionals.  But in my mind we are ALWAYS way behind.  His expressive language skills are that of about a 3 year old while I know he knows so much more the language just is not there YET to see him share it.  So as I prepared for our IEP meeting last week I wondered what this year was gonna hold.  How would we proceed to get him where he needs to be.  And as is ALWAYS the case I should not have worried - you see GOD had it taken care of.  He had placed all of these amazing professionals in our lives and they were working to get him caught up.  And his teacher was so excited to tell us that on the state standard test that he had just taken for reading and comprehension - HE TESTED OUT OF INTERVENTION and at entry level 1st grade!!   

So this post is to thank every single person that has helped us get to this 1st milestone!  I know each and everyone of you were placed on this path with us for a very special reason and please know not a day goes by that I don't pray and thank God that he has placed you on this journey with us.  And to use the words of Meredith (his deaf educator) as she reminded me today - STOP looking at the big picture and ENJOY where he is today - because this my friends is a huge accomplishment.

Way to go sweet boy!  Keep on reading

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