Friday, September 13, 2013

Hammons House - Oct 26th - PLEASE JOIN US

Greetings ~
I promised a friend a year ago I would write this post when this day came and so here I am honoring that promise.  Over the last 365 days I have heard so often - WOW you look different, you look great, have you lost weight, your hair it looks so long.  And with every comment I smiled and thanked you and went on about my day.

But the truth is I didn't tell you something, I was scared to tell you why - I  look different and why I did loose weight because last summer I found a tumor in my right breast.  And last fall after I put the boys on the bus and waved them off I went on my way to the Sarah Canon Cancer Center for breast cancer treatment. And every afternoon I was home to greet the bus and meet my boys.

You see I am the mom of newly adopted international children - children who have seen great loss and trauma and the LAST thing I could do to them was add the fear of more loss or trauma to their world.

Today 365 days later I can tell you I am a survivor and cancer free.  But I am different and I look at the world different and you have seen my posts change and my view of the world and my role in it change.

 And so I'm coming to you today and asking you to join me and my boys on Oct 26th in Brentwood TN for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure.  While I am blessed to be a survivor I lost 2 very dear friends to this disease.  Sally (an amazing adoptive mama) and Taira (a fabulous wedding professional and client) so this year I cannot stay silent.  This year I need to be a voice for those that have lost the battle, those that are still fighting and those that do not even know it is coming yet.  I have set a modest goal of $2,500 and 10 people to join me and the boys on this journey.  I'm hoping you will be one?!?!?

Here is the link come on and join the Hammons House and we step out on Oct 26th and get one step closer to finding a CURE -

Sweet Sallee and her family - Photo courtesy of Evin Photography

My dear friend Taira and her husband Rob @ their vow renewal a few months before she passed away

My boys and I sporting our pink for a purpose

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