Friday, April 30, 2010

What a week waiting!

Greetings -
So last week I went to the doctor to have a csyt looked at! The doctor took one look and said it had to come out!!!! So monday morning Kenneth and I headed to the Vanderbilt Bone and Joint Clinic in Franklin to have the surgery! Little did I realize when I woke up I would have a cast to my elbow!!!!!!! Sorry for the lack of posts this week but me and the cast are still learning to get along. On thursday I made a trip to homeland security in Memphis to look into what is taking FOREVER with our I 171H form. I am happy to report that this will all be cleared up on Monday or Tuesday and than we will just wait for the call to travel. We are super excited for the 5 families that will travel over Mother's Day!!! And in other news we did receive Tariku's birth certificate in email this week! So very very cool to see us listed as his parents! Soon my sweet boy soon you will be with us!

Wishing you a magical day~

1 comment:

  1. so excited for you!!
    can't wait to see his little face :)
    blessings, sallee