Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Week Home

Greetings -
It is so hard to believe how quickly time is flying! We have been home as a family of 4 for a little over a week!!! Tariku and Teddy have picked up right where they left off. There is alot more noise in the Hammons house and alot more activity. Tariku is showing Teddy how to be American! We were not even home 24 hours and Tariku asked when we were taking him and Teddy to Disney World.
Teddy is handling the transition amazingly. He was not to sure (okay he HATED!!) the dogs the first night but by the second he was laughing at them and this past weekend he thought they should sleep with him instead of mommy and daddy. He has had the chance to see snow and sled. (I believe he will get more of that tomorrow!!!) He has been to the circus, Target and Toys R Us! He loves pizza just like Tariku and he listens to Tariku so very very well!
Tariku has taken on the role of big brother quite well. He loves to show Teddy new things and how to brush his teeth and where to put his clothes. They hug and laugh and fight just like I had hoped they would.
Teddy saw the peditrician on Monday and was a true CHAMPION with 4 shots and blood draws! We are currently waiting on appointments at Vanderbilt to see a neurologist, audiologist, and ENT. So we will be sure to share as those arise!
Thank you to everyone who has come along on this journey with us. Without each of you we would not be the family we are today!

Wishing you a Magical Day~


  1. Oh YAY I am so happy to hear that things are going so well! Sweet times!!

  2. Courtney, I can't wait to meet my new nephew Teddy. I'm so excited that you and Kenneth became of family of four. I just wish you lived closer so I can spend more time with you and Kenneth and the boys.

  3. CONGRATS on being home! So excited to follow your family as a family of four.