Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's NOT about us ~ through the eyes of an 8 year old!

Greetings ~
 I really had no idea HOW materialistic I was (I actually thought I really wasn't!) until Tariku entered my life.  When you live a life with less than the bare necessities it is AMAZING what you think about on a daily basis.  For Tariku his mind often wanders to how he can do for someone else, what he can share or give to make another person's day.  About 5 or 6 times a year he comes to me and says he has to go through his toys and give some away.  This past week was once again that time and so he did - 1 by 1 he went through toys and books and asked Teddy to go through his.  In the end they had a large bin, a trash bag and a box full of toys.  Typically we load them in the car and off to goodwill we go but being so close to the holiday I took to facebook to see if there was a place we could take them so Tariku could SEE the difference he was making.  Within minutes and thanks to the power of social media I was reminded of a most amazing event happening on Dec 7th called Help Portrait. (please take a moment and check out what this fantastic group is doing around the world)

Fast forward to Dec 7th - I had a wedding in the morning and as I was leaving Tariku reminded me mama today today is the day to deliver the toys to boys who may never have had any.  So just after noon as I returned from my wedding he and I loaded the expedition and off to Cross Point church in Nashville we went.  I wasn't really sure what we would see or if he would actually get to SEE the joy he spreads when he does what he does. But I did not need to worry - the doors opened and there were lots of kiddos having their pictures taken for the very first time!!  With the help of some wonderful elves we brought in Tariku and Teddy's toys and dropped them off at the foot of Santa.  IMMEDIATELY Tariku said look mama look they really like the toys look at them playing.  And in that moment I was reminded in this season it really is NOT ABOUT US.  It is rather about what we do to make someone's day, to feel valued, to feel important, and most importantly to feel loved - all which we so often take for granted.  So thank you Micah, GraceAnn, Jeb, Myrick and Jeremy for allowing Tariku to SEE the true reason for the season with his eyes.  He hasn't stopped talking about since we left!

Some photos from our time @ the Help Portrait event.
Jeb and GraceAnn take a look at the goodies 

A sweet boy already ready to check out the goodies

Tariku and Jeremy (aka Adler's dad from school!)

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