Friday, January 31, 2014

Praying for boys ~ and a *GIVEAWAY*

Greetings ~
A few months ago I stumbled on this amazing site called THE MOB SOCIETY and I can truly say it has been a God send.  You see it's all about boys and their mama's and here at the Hammons house we are full of boys that's for sure.
Well while looking around the site I came across Brooke McGlothlin and her new book Praying for Boys.  I am blessed to say that I have read this book and will continue to read it AGAIN and AGAIN.  You see Brooke is a real life mama with a warm heart and great humor and gets what being a mama to boys is all about.  But she is also helping me find my way to pray with and for my boys.  I'll be honest in saying I was never one who was confident in prayer.  Confident in doing it right ( I know I know there is no wrong way) but I wanted to make sure my boys were covered.  Both of them have seen and experienced more trauma and grief in their 7 and 8 years of life than many will experience in their lifetime and so I thought I had to get this prayer thing right.  Brooke opened those doors for me and led me on a path of self discovery and prayer.  And so I invite you to take a moment and meet Brooke - and than follow her on your own path to praying for the boys in your life and raising them up to be Godly men of the world.

So won't you share with me here on the blog your biggest struggle as a mama of boys or your biggest success and come Sunday evening one lucky random winner will win a copy of Praying for Boys courtesy of Brooke and Bethany House Publishing!!  And know I will add you to my personal prayer wall as we all become stronger in faith as we pray for our boys.

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  1. I love being a momma to my sweet, Elijah. I'm the youngest of four girls and was a little nervous about being mom to a boy. I have been chasing his heart for all the time since we adopted him at 8 months old. We seem most connected when I step out of my shell and am silly physical with him. I'm talking preferred method of being woken up=gut busting tickles. Preferred type of play=wrestling. Most heart felt moments from him for me=playful shoving. I struggle to wonder when we'll have a strong connection outside of this.