Monday, July 14, 2014

Sweet Summer with my Kylee Bean ~

Kylee Bean ~ Oh sweet sweet girl what a blessing and a treasure you have been to us this summer. 10 years ago when your mom told me she was pregnant for the 1st time I dreamed that one day you would come and spend the summer with us and with your cousins making memories to last a lifetime. And what an amazing dream come true this summer has been!
 Your love and patience with Teddy as you learned to communicate with him using ASL was beyond words for this mama heart to watch. You stepped into his life and loved him right where he was. You protected him, and laughed with him. You taught him games like UNO and Chutes and Ladders all while the 2 of you giggled and giggled the nights away.
 You and Tariku are cut from the same cloth - fiercely 1st borns - and yet you each found your way. You did countless hours of drawing and writing together. You went on more walks and adventures than I can remember and you swam like fish almost everyday.
 My sweet Kylee Bean I am soooo proud of you - you came to TN and jumped right into life with the Hammons House - camp summer sign everyday, soccer practices for the boys, Kylee and Auntie Courtney dates to lunch and the mall. You helped Uncle Kenneth build a swimming pool, you conquered roller coasters and waterfalls.
 My my what a summer it was. And now my sweet sweet girl it is wrapping up and I want you to know how much these last 8 weeks have meant to all of us. We couldn't imagine the joy that you would bring to our summer.
 So Bean I want you to ALWAYS remember the door is ALWAYS open for you to come and hang at the Hammons House! We love you and cannot wait for our next adventure together!

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  1. Great pictures, Courtney! I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question regarding your blog! My name is Heather and if you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!