Friday, March 6, 2015

They Don't Tell You About Pajama's ~

Growing up pajama's were nothing special.  Something you put on at night to go to bed, kept on longer for Saturday morning cartoons and stayed in when you were sick.  They had your favorite superhero or princess on them and really that was it - they were just your pajama's.

Fast forward 30 some years and I realize something no one ever tells you about pajama's.  Pajama's are safety and security.  They are knowledge that you are loved and taken care of.  They allow you to be if just for a minute a child with dreams.

You see in my last 5 years I have watched 2 boys who didn't understand pajama's - who from the moment they got up until the moment their heads hit their pillows were perfectly dressed with a bed tightly made.  They needed to be "ready" at all times and at all costs.

As I write this today we are in our 7th 8th or 9th snow day and at 3:27pm my boys are still in their pajama's - playing soccer in the living room while spongebob plays in the background.

I won't take pajama's for granted going forward - for they tell us alot about the world we are in.  At least for this mama they tell me that we are becoming a family more and more everyday.

So next time the kiddos ask to stay in those jammies just a bit longer - know that it is a sign of affection - a little peek into the trust they have in their hearts.

Here are a few of our favorite pajama moments from the last few snow days!

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