Monday, February 8, 2010

Emotions - Run Wild

Greetings -
So who knew that emotions would run so very crazy last week. We tracked our final paperwork to Ethiopia and saw it arrive via fedex on Thurs. We celebrated as now we are soooo close to a court date for our sweet T***** We also saw another week pass with friends receiving court dates and none for us. We celebrated with the Mihnovich's at their adoption shower as they prepare to bring 4 home later this month. And last but not least we relished in the new photos we received as well as his footprint. It was an amazing week to say the least!


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you guys!!! The emotions of being in that court room are so overwhelming and wonderful. I'm saying a prayer that the wait goes quickly for you!!!

  2. Can't wait to celebrate sweet little T....'s shower! Thank you so much for sharing in the JOY and LOVE!!