Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Walt Disney World through the EYES of Teddy!

Greetings -

WHEW!  We did it - 5 days at Walt Disney World!  The boys had an amazing time and of course there are 2 million photos I could share with you (and probably will) but today is about something bigger.  It is about how GOD is with us even in the little moments, even when you wouldn't be thinking GOD - he is there!  As some of you know Kenneth and I both worked for the Walt Disney company for numerous years - and in that time neither Kenneth or I were ever approached or asked about sign language assistance. And believe me we both received numerous requests every day.  So imagine my surprise when we were walking through Liberty Square a little after 3 headed to Splash Mountain (read family on a mission for a ride) and out of the corner of my eye I caught the parade - and as I turned to look what did I see but 2 interpreters signing the parade.  Right there right in front of my family, right in front of my DEAF son on his first trip to Disney.  The tears were flowing from my eyes and my mother's you see we were not stopping for the parade we were on a plan and yet someone bigger then us thought we should stop and enjoy the moment!  A moment the WHOLE family would understand.  Teddy loved the parade and watched the interpreters with great intent! And as the parade came to an end they were gone - I looked up and they were no where to be seen.  There was no opportunity to thank them for what they had given our family, no opportunity to see who they worked for (Kenneth noticed they did not have Disney name tags on), so to those 2 amazing interpreters the Hammons Family says thank you!  Thank you for allowing our family a moment to be inclusive!

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day ~

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  1. Tears of joy with you! What a magical memory. Praise God.