Thursday, July 26, 2012

1 Year 11 Months and 22 Days in the making

It happened so fast, had I not been right next to him I would have missed it completely.  I had just returned from another weekend away, and while away Kenneth and I had found transformer sheets for Tariku's bed.  And of course bought them on the spot!  When we got home Kenneth headed to Papa Blue's to pick up the boys and I went ahead and placed the new sheets on the beds (Teddy got new CARS sheets) and so I waited, waited for the boys to come home and see their new sheets!  When they entered the house and came up the stairs I had them close their eyes and daddy and I moved them into their room where we showed them their surprise.

Both boys were over the moon but Tariku said something I have been waiting my whole adult life to hear. You see when we picked him up almost 2 years ago - instead of being excited he was nervous, and really had no trust in the situation that was happening so instead of a sweet tender first moment it was a bite to the neck.  Not exactly what one hopes for when meeting their child for the first time!

Fast forward to Sunday July 22nd 2012 - Tariku said I Love You - to me for the 1st time!

Thank you to all my friends and family that have been supportive along this journey of Tariku and I.  For all the late night chats and tears that were shed over the love of this guy!  May he now know that I am his mama forever and love him to the moon and back again!

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day~

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  1. Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for!!!