Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Year Gone Another Year Older

Greetings -
So I was downloading photos off the camera today and realized that I never shared the boys birthday party!!  Ooops - so here it is a little late but better than never!

When I asked Tariku and Teddy if they wanted their parties together or separate the decision was a resounding TOGETHER.  Now originally I thought that sounded like a brilliant idea knock out 2 parties in 2 hours what could be better.  OI was I mistaken!!!  Welcome to Hammons House where we do nothing small - our motto go big or go home!  And boy it went BIG!

For months leading up to the big day Tariku had told me time and time again he did not want a home birthday party. - (really - does he know what his mom does for a living) so my hours on pinterest were a waste and back to the drawing board I went!  The boys decided a bowling party was right for them this year and so Kenneth and I said sure (I mean really what is 20 kids at a bowling alley on a Friday night right?) - insert seasoned parent stares NOW!

The invites went out and I was thrilled to see the RSVP's coming in but as they kept coming I started to get nervous and as we passed the 30 mark I thought oh lord what have I gotten myself into and when we fit 40 all I could think was WHAT WAS I THINKING!!  But like everything else in life the time arrived and we survived!  The boys were beyond blessed to have all but 4 of their classmates there to share in a big day for both of them and the Franklin Entertainment Center was easy breezy to work with!

So here are a few of our photos from that evening!

 Many many thanks to my parents for coming down and assisting!  The amazing cakes came to us from Covered with Icing!  Thanks Heather they were out of this world!

So now we move on to a new year and new adventures as 6 and 7 year olds!  Wish us luck!

Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~

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