Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Disowned for the 1st but I am sure it will not be the last time!!!

Greetings -
I know I know I know it has been a long time and you probably think I have fallen off the face of the earth!  Truth is - it seems to me that way to!!!  But we are now back and good to go!  Who knew two kiddos in 5 months would turn this place into a whirlwind!!! (obviously not Kenneth or me) but alas I digress!

So anyone who knows this family knows that we run on a lot of sarcasm!  It is just the way we are but imagine my surprise when the sarcasm caught up to me like it did last Monday. So me and the boys are off to Chuck E Cheese's for a 6 year olds birthday party - (nice quiet place on a Monday by the way!!) The boys had a fabulous time and as we were leaving the women at the door asked to see our hand stamps. So we all show her the stamps and OF COURSE she cannot read mine.  So in her perfectly trained voice she looks at Tariku and says is this the person you came with - already knowing the answer I prepare to leave so IMAGINE my surprise when Tariku looks at her plain as day and says no ma'am she is a stranger.

What's a mom to do!! I look at Tariku and back to the lady and back to Tariku (all the while thinking if he does not fix this now I see a trip to the jail in Franklin in my future) well thankfully he saw the look on my face and realized he still wanted to live in Brentwood with his family so he quickly looked back at the nice lady and said he was kidding and that I was indeed his mama!

Once we stepped outside he looked at me and said I thought I was being funny mom.  And yes sweet Tariku you were but alas as we learned that Monday evening there is a time and a place for everything.

                                                  I mean really you can't see the resemblance?

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day~

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