Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meet Dawit and why he is family to us

Greetings Friends -
For the past few weeks I have been posting about our dear friend Dawit (David) in Ethiopia.  I have been sharing this link daily in order to help Dawit get enough money to own a vehicle so that he can become a business owner in Ethiopia.  But what I haven't done is share our journey, I haven't told you what he has done to our family and why this is so special to us.  So with 53 hours to go and 4,350 dollars left to raise here is our story.

On Aug 2nd 2010 when Kenneth and I arrived in Ethiopia Dawit was one of the first people we met.  He was the 1st person we would see every morning as we headed out to see the city or to the transition home to see Tariku.  He was the last person we would see every evening as we headed back into the guest house for the evening.  He is full of humor and loves the American families that come and bless the Ethiopian children with visits and American families.

In November when Kenneth and I traveled back unplanned for court for Teddy we had the chance to once again spend another week getting to know this man.

But it was really in January when I traveled myself on what should of been a quick 4 day trip that I learned his heart for others!!  You see I ended up being in country for almost a month when we couldn't get a visa to bring Teddy home.  So here I am a with a deaf little boy that does not know me from Adam and is scared of the world and Dawit was with me every step of the way!  When I got scared he let me cry on his shoulder.  When I was mad he took Teddy to play so that I could just be mad at the world for a minute.  We went and saw movies and he made me feel safe in a very uneasy time.  So now it is my turn to help him in his uneasy time

He takes great pride in his country and in his 2 small daughters.  He is a loving single father who works incredible hours to make sure that every day there is a roof over there head and food on the plates.  While working the girls stay with his parents a rather long trip away and since he has no car it is a journey unlike we have ever seen to get there and back each time to see them.

And so these are the reasons I have shared the link.  These are the reasons I have asked you to share the link.  To help this man who helped me make my dream of a family come true.  I ask you to help make his dream of providing for his family come true!

Wishing you a MAGICAL Day ~

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