Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Tariku James - The Well is on the Way

WOW oh WOW!  What a week!  Last week Wednesday Tariku and I were having a small argument over the fact that we had not yet built the well back in Ethiopia and as I write this a mere week and a day later the money has been raised and when Tariku wakes as an 8year old his dream to give his sisters water will come true!  Over on our facebook page your will find a quick video we made last night about reaching our goal!  I cannot begin to thank the hundreds of people that made this dream possible for Tariku - But there are a few that I want to take a moment and recongize for without them this event never would have gotten off the ground or happend!

1. - Kirsten Howard (aka Ben's Mom) - when I called her in a panic that I had committed to this crazy idea in a moment of weakness she jumped on board with her awesome graphic design skills and created the amazing shirts for the fundraiser and has been a huge behind the scenes cheerleader for me this past week!

2. - Mathews Team Sports in Franklin TN for going ABOVE and BEYOND with the printing of these shirts for us

3. - Lipscomb Elementary for embracing both Tariku and Teddy and allowing them to be the boys they are.  As a school you have gone to great lengths to help Tariku see this dream come true and stood with him on this journey.  We are blessed and humbled to call you our home

4. - Each and everyone of you that shared his story, prayed for this heart and his sisters, donated and will continue to pray as we see the well come to being.  For the journey is only just beginning and we invite you to stay with us and see the story unfold!

Happy Happy Birthday my sweet Tariku - may your sisters someday know the difference you made for them and the heart you have for Africa.  May you know how very proud I am that God has called you to be my son.  Today while you travel with your papa to Wisconsin for Spring Break rest assured knowing that soon very very soon your sisters will have the same safe water to drink just like you!

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