Friday, July 5, 2013

Injera and Missionaries - Otherwise known as July 5th 2013

Greetings -
Well one thing is for sure the 4th of July was a wash out for middle tn!!!  The 5th of July was not looking much better ~ unless you were one of 2 little ethiopians who knew that at 5pm there were gonna be 7 camp counselors knockin on your front door to go for tibs fir fir!!

Every year Tariku begs me to take the missionaries who work as camp counselors for Camp Summer Sign to an Ethiopian dinner.  And every year it doesn't work out.  This year (praise the LORD) July 5th was an open and an available evening and the camp counselors were game enough to give it a try!!  So at 5pm on the dot they all showed up to our house ready to load into cars and head on over to the boys favorite Ethiopian restaurant in town!  2 car loads packed and ready to go we were off to GOJO's

                  Tariku and Teddy in their new Ethiopian Futbol jerseys from Marilyn ready for injera!

Now we have loved this restaurant ever since we were introduced to in by another adoptive family about 4 years ago (WOW hard to believe it was that long ago) and Tariku could not wait to get inside and show his friends his native food!  I will leave the rest of the story to photos!

Many many thanks to the amazing missionaries who gave of their free evening to come and hang with two little boys who think the world of you and wanted so much for you to see a part of who they are.  Thank you for creating a night they will not soon forget!!

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