Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dear Tariku James ~ Happy 3 year GOTCHA!!

Dear Tariku James ~
3 years ago today your life once ago changed forever – you entered your forever family when you were placed in my arms to be your forever mama.  As I look back over the last year here are the things I want you to remember about your 3rd year in America.

It was the year you turned 8 and stood 4’11
It was the second year you received a gold medal at school
It was the year of Marilyn – you had the most amazing nanny after school – who loves you like crazy and because of you she has now seen Ethiopia
It is the year you raised enough money to build a well for your sisters in Southern Ethiopia
It was the year of your 1st Disney Cruise (and we went with the ENTIRE family!!)
It was the year you met the Grinch
It was the year you successfully completed 1st grade and read 100 books in 45 days
It was the year you came into your own with your ASL not only at home but also in public
It was the 1st year you played travel soccer
It was the 1st year you played basketball
It was another year you were still OBSESSED with trans formers
It was the year your first best friend moved far away – and not a day goes by that we don’t still talk about Jack and look forward to his coming back
You still love the color yellow
You still eat tibs fir fir like there is no tomorrow (and wish this mama would learn to make injera)

My sweet boy I am blessed to call you my son and honored that God called me to be your mama.  Your heart for Teddy is huge and you make sure he is taken care of all the time.  You love your daddy and nana and papa like no other.  You are an amazing friend and huge help at home.  May you always know how incredibly special you are in the eyes of God and in my heart!

I love you to Ethiopia and back sweet boy

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