Monday, March 1, 2010

All in God's time

Greetings -
So as you know we have been waiting for a court date for close to 3 months! The last time I talked to the agency they said be prepared for a few more weeks! Okay life happens and last week was BUSY!! For some reason I decided to move my emails to a exchange server, prepare for a wedding, and have my first speaking engagement in months! Needless to say I did not have the time to be obsessed with a court date! Now the speaking engagement was a surprise and I only had 23 hours to prepare this also happened on the same day as I lost access to emails!! So there was no way I was thinking about a court date! Well the speech was written and given, the bridal show booth was ready and the wedding was fabulous - and oh no I have not checked my business line in 24 hours for voicemails! So as GOD would have it Saturday evening I got a message from the agency saying they were trying to send us an email! Well this morning I called the agency and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a court date and it is next week!!! When we wake up on Tuesday March 9th we pray that T***** will officially be a Hammons! Would I have been able to accomplish all the fabulous work that I did the end of last week had I known about a court date (probably not) So today I thank you lord for reminding me that you have our plan!! Please pray with us this week for favor with the Ethiopian courts and that we can share our sweet boy with the world soon!

Wishing you a magical day~

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