Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update Court #1

Greetings -
It has been a glorious day! Although we did not pass this morning we were so blessed and honored by the outpouring of love we received all day. As we know it is to be in God's time. I was so excited today that my dear husband had take off of work so we could be together for the call. We spent the morning with Papa Bill working on T***** closet (almost have it built!!) and eating breakfast. When I saw the 703 area code pop up I yelled for Kenneth to come and hear the news. And what we heard was it just was not God's time yet. We have learned there is a small chance that the courts will hear our case tomorrow and so tonight Kenneth and I pray for a miracle, we pray for our son to rest assured that we are coming soon, we pray for favor from the courts, we pray for the 6 other families that did not pass court today, but most of all we pray for each of you - to thank you for standing with us, for loving us, and reassuring us on what could of been a really tough day. Instead we spent it together as a family (husband and wife) We had the opportunity to meet an new life just brought into this world and simply love the journey we are on.


  1. Amen!!! That would be AMAZING if the Ethiopian court hears your case. You will be in my prayers. Love you and miss you both. -Kristin

  2. I love your grace and optimistic attitude!! I cannot wait for your day to come!! Praying for you!! Ashlie

  3. Divine Order... and so it is... God's time...

    God Bless,