Thursday, March 4, 2010


What a looooonggg week! I know it has the same hours as last week but really I want it to be Monday night! I want to go to bed so I can wake up and know that T***** is ours forever! I know that 50% of families do not pass court on the first try but I believe in the Lord and his timing! I also believe this is our time!! It has been so many many years of waiting and wanting a child. To have it sooooo close is really the hardest. Tonight I pray for favor from the Ethiopian government. I pray for the families who have not passed court and who will have to wait another day for the words you passed! We received 4 new pictures of our sweet boy today thanks to the Mihnovich's who were able to visit him last week. He looks so happy and loved Elle - I hope he remembers her when he get's here.!

Wishing you a Magical Day~

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  1. Did I tell you what a precious child he is???? Seriously yummy and totally belongs with you and Kenneth! I'm crying just thinking about how sweet and chosen he is. He has the sweetest smile and kindest spirit. Cannot wait to see him in your arms!