Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ethiopia Bound................Almost!!

Greetings -
Wow what a wonderful week of surprises! On wednesday (day 24 of waiting for DNA results) we received a call from Anna at our adoption agency! The test results were in and YES the birthmother is Tariku's mother!!!!!!! So all we needed was for the embassy to look at the results and tell us we could come! Well as we have truly learned nothing with adoption is ever that easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On friday after having the results for 2 DAYS the embassy told our agency that since the results did not arrive via courier from the lab they would not accept them. So in awesome AWAA fashion they got the courier to the lab and back to the embassy!! Only to be told they would look at the results next week (this week now!!)So we voided the plane tickets we had (to leave on saturday - yes a mere 48 hours after the call!) and have put new tickets on hold to leave July 28th!!!! So now we wait a little more to get the approval to leave! By leaving on the 28th we will have the INCREDIBLE opportunity to meet Tariku's birth family!! Pray that we receive the good news asap!!

On another note some dear adoption friends of ours have just launched their fundraising t-shirts head on over to and check them out! They are even giving one awesome shirt away this week!!!

Wishing you a Magical Day ~


  1. Oh I know you are dying to get your hands on that precious boy. He's a doll!!! You'll love your time there!!!

  2. Oh Yeah! That is wonderful news!
    I have added your family to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs! Have an amazing trip to your son!