Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 13 of Waiting!

Greetings -
So we are glad to know that the testing took place on June 21st in Ethiopia! Birth mom and Tariku were both taken to the lab for the tests! So now we wait!!! We pray each day that it will not take 40 days to get the results, we pray that god moves in ways that only he can but until than we wait. Today while I was in Tariku's room I saw the outfit he was going to wear for his first fourth of july on the lake and it just broke my heart. But we did receive new pictures, new handprint and footprints, and even a video this week from the wonderful Bankers who went last week to pick up their little one! We also received an amazing photo of Tariku's nanny from the Burhanna's and they tell me she just loves Tariku and has lots of pictures of him. My mom told me yesterday that everyone in her office is praying and so are the Notre Dame nuns!!!! So here's hoping to Magical news this coming week!!! I wish you all a fabulous fourth! Take a extra moment and love on the one's that love you! Here for your viewing pleasure are some new photos of our sweet sweet boy!

Wishing you a Magical Day~

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  1. LOVE the "Hi Mom" pic! He WILL be home soon!!