Monday, June 21, 2010

An Evening of Prayer

Greetings -
Often times during this journey you feel alone and frustrated. If you have not gone through an international adoption it is hard to understand the emotional roller coaster that you spend pretty much every day on! Well apparently my roller coaster ride last week was the straw that broke the camels back for the AMAZING yahoo group I am a part of with this adoption! So one of the fabulous mom's planned an evening of prayer for June 20th (Father's Day) from 8pm - 10pm central time. Now I was not really sure what was going to happen but I knew for those two hours I could pray for all the families living this roller coaster because someone would be praying for us. I had NO idea the number of families our story touched and that they would pray for us but I want to share with you some of the amazing words they lifted up last night for sweet sweet Tariku!

Lord, I lift up the Hammons family to you. I pray that the DNA test result that was requested by the new employee at the Embassy would be performed so quickly that the people who witness the turn around could only say that you and you alone were involved in the process. Father, please give Courtney and her husband patience and a peace that passes all understanding. Father, give them energy and endurance. Help them to remain focused on you and you alone during this time.
In your name, I pray.

I pray for the families who have passed court and are waiting on Embassy clearance. Father, I pray that the clearance would come quickly so that these precious children can be united with their forever families. I pray that as the families wait to be united that they would use this time to prepare. Prepare their hearts, their homes, and whatever else they may need to do. Father, I pray that clearance would come this week for these families. I pray that the next Embassy appointment would be full and that these children will be united with their families. I pray that these families cling to you as the minutes turn into hours and the hours into days as they wait to get the phone call that clearance was given, that the investigation has been completed.

Father, I pray for the Hammons, the Elders, the Hemmingsens, the Booys, the Johnsons, the Pattesons, the Slonigers, the Sprengers, and the Tracys. I pray that they would each receive calls this week that they are cleared to travel for the next Embassy date.

Father, I pray that the correct I171-H form gets to Ethiopia tomorrow for the Booys. I know that you are involved in every detail and I pray that you would work this detail out and when you do Father, I pray that you would receive all honor and glory.

Father, thank you for giving us prayer to communicate with you. We love you and give you all praise and honor.

Dear God, We especially lift up the Hammons family, their son, and his birth mother. We pray that you would be with T and his birth mom as they do the DNA test. We ask you to get the results back in record time. We ask for patience for Courtney and her husband as they wait for this process to be complete. Just fill them with strength, courage, and anticipation as they await the news that they can go get their little boy.

Amazing what this world of international adoption is. Families around the globe came together over the internet and in their homes to pray for this roller coaster of an experience!

To each family on this journey with us - know that you are in OUR prayers everyday. Thank you for lifting us up yesterday!

Wishing you a Magical Day ~

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  1. Adoption families GET IT!!! Prayer moves mountains! Sweet T is on his way!!